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Beautiful poem to make peace with you
I love you and I suffer without you

Poetry of love that asks forgiveness and affection
Our fights and conflicts are the only vanity
Do we love as the child who loves his mother
Let us install in us the confidence
Trust between two friends is stronger than anything
But mistrust between two  is not worth the cost
So why hate his neighbor
Why remain a prisoner of hatred and revenge
Which are sources of new violence
Why ignore this word “reconciliation” of deliverance
Which is capital and special interest fo the people
The one that brings days of joy and peace
The one  that brings tranquillity to every citizen
The one that brings development and success of the whole nation
Brawl, insult and aggression are friends of violence
Jealousy contempt and betrayal are actually just suffering
My brother, my sister without your love, without your friendship I remain alone and defenseless
Let’s open our hearts to the peace that knocks on the door
Let’s open our souls to this new world
Where peace and love reign supreme
You, me, we all have to contribute
So let’s grab the treasure of peace
Before it’s too late

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